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10 tip to eliminate distractions and increase success

We’re all guilty of letting the littlest things distract us from what we should be doing. The more focused you are on your work the bigger returns you will receive. Take a second right now and ask yourself where you truly want to be? Now tell me (and yourself) how many things you did today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday that directly contributed to the question you just asked yourself? And then tell me (and yourself) how many things you did today that did not contribute to your success? Those are the things that distracted you from what you knew you should have been doing.

So you might be saying, ah – it’s OK, everyone does it and shrug it off. Well, not everyone does it – however, most do and those are the people who want you to do it so they can feel like its OK. So what’s the harm in the little everyday distractions? Those distractions are called distractions for a reason. They are distracting you from doing what you need to do in order to get you where you ultimately want to be.

Minimize distractions and you’ll reach your goals faster – simple and plain. You must minimize distractions by focusing on the end result and on the tasks that have a positive effect on your success.

Apply these 10 principles to reduce and eliminate distractions from around you.

1. Stay off the internet. Just don’t get on it if you don’t have to- because once you do, you’re more likely to get sucked into it. If you have to get your fix, do it at the end day or a set time during the day.

2. Remove computer desktop icons. Out of sight, out of mind is typically a good policy.

3. Remove desktop clutter. Place only current files needed on your desk, while the others are filed away until you need them.

4. Eliminate noises. Even alert sounds from your computer and cell phone can be distracting; like the sound you hear when you receive an incoming email or a text message. Put that stuff on silent.

5. Discourage walk-in traffic. Let everyone know you need some quiet time. Establish clear boundaries when you don’t want to be distracted, unless it’s an emergency like your house is burning down and you need to get out.

6. Screen your calls. Let your friends know you will be busy for the next couple hours and you will call them later. It’s ideal if you have someone answer every call since real-person response is a vital part of a successful business. Scheduling phone appointments is ideal and leads to working as efficiently as possible.

7. Ask for what you want. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want. Clear and concise communication saves time for everyone. No one can read your mind, so speak it!

8. Learn how to control excessive conversation. Superficial chit-chat is just that – superficial. If you would like to talk to someone, at least have it be meaningful so it doesn’t waste your time or theirs.

9. Work when no one else is around. Take advantage of alone time whenever you canto get ahead. Don’t be lazy and do nothing. Everyone else is busy and you need to be busy too..

10. Use and honor your calendar and task list. Remember; concentrate on doing the things that have the highest chances of you achieving your goals and that build your success. Distractions offer no return and no profit. Motivate yourself as you check off each task you have accomplished.

Wouldn’t it be great if our ‘good intentions’ worked the way that we think they should? Not even enthusiasm guarantees positive results. There’s often a wide gap between our intentions and our actions. We fail to take the action necessary to be in alignment with our good intentions. We allow things to distract us way too much each and every day.

Remember you are accountable for your actions, so don’t let distractions take you away from your success. Remind yourself that those little distractions offer little return, if any at all, for the time you’ve invested. Instead, stick to the productive tasks that build your success. Eliminate distractions and you have an even better chance of acting on your good intentions and achieving amazing results!

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