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I deeply believe that anyone can acheive success and anyone can be a successful entrepreneur, but just as it is in sports, there will be certain traits that makes acheiving success slightly easier, for example height in basketball and speed in football. In this article, I will list 5 of these traits that I deeply believe will give you the edge over other young aspiring entrepreneurs.


I know ambition is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur, young and old. The road to success is full of many obstacles, and on many occassions you will be so tempted to just turn back and give up, and this is where the strength of your ambitions come in to play. If your not ambitious enough and you don’t want success enough and you feel like quiting when the going gets tough, it’s extremely easy to persuade yourselves that you don’t really want what you are striving for, and it’s perfectly okay to quit. Be ambitious and never quit!


The fact is, not all of your ideas and projects will succeed or even have a chance, it could be due to mistakes you make, or perhaps you are just unlucky. A good entrepreneur will brush it off, learn from their mistakes and then go at it again with the same intensity all over again.


Good things take time and effort, just think about growing a plant. You plant the seed, give it and then it grows slowly, it doesn’t happen overnight. It only takes a few days of neglect and carelessness to undo weeks of caring and nourishment. So successful entrepreneurs know how-to commit to something and keep doing it, no mater what. Stay persistent and watch the growth happen.


Some of the best online start-ups these days are from original ideas from normal people. Sure you can always plow through an existing market, but usually it is much easier and perhaps profitable finding your own ideas. Young people are usually more creative than their older counter-parts simply because while your young you are exposed to what older people do and you can use those ideas and build something better. Being creative is what every entrepreneur is.


As with persistence, a successful entrepreneur has to have patience. Not all ideas will become a success overnight, if you don’t have patience, you might accidentally give up on a great idea, just inches away from success, and you will never know! Being young, it’s especially hard, because you will have your peers and adults constantly filling you up with negativity, your too young, you don’t know what your doing etc etc. Be patient and believe in yourself enough to give yourself a chance. Patience!

With this quick list, sometimes you gotta know when an idea actually leads to a dead-end and when to quit as well, I guess that’s just another trait that an entrepreneur will have, its like having an instinct that tells you to stop.

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, or if you have any of the above traits, then you might well be on your way to becoming a young success!

Please comment if you think there are other traits that helps one become a success entrepreneur!

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