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While a high school diploma can be a fast ticket toward more career and other personal opportunities down the line, your experiences while earning it are worth more. With any luck, you’ll walk away from it all with a good deal more than a piece of paper.

Sure, high school is about books, teachers and homework, but it’s also about socialization, learning about your self and developing the skills to succeed for the rest of your life. By taking advantage of all these other benefits, you’ll walk away from it all with a lot more than just a high school diploma!


We all know high school provides students with the opportunity to build meaningful friendships and, of course, date, but there is a lot more to the socialization process than facebook, twitter or myspace. Group assignments teach students to work well with others by listening and communicating about the topic at hand. In-class discussions provide them with the opportunity to speak their minds and listen to the ideas of others. Even sports and clubs can help students learn to relate and work with a number of different types of personalities, whether they get along at first or not. All of these skills will be valuable, not only in your social lives down the line but in the work place as well. Being able to socialize successfully face to face is an important part to your future. You will have to go on job interviews, and social skills play a big part of the interview process.

Self Discovery:

Many people don’t firmly identify and develop their talents until this age of self-discovery. Classes are much more challenging than they used to be, so it’s not unusual for one who thought they were great at math to suddenly struggle with it, only to excel in English or another writing-intensive course. Students can also join clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Student government provides one with the opportunity to learn what kind of leader he or she is. By the end of it all, many students find planning for their careers and the rest of their lives much easier once they discover who they are as a person.

Life Skills:

Sure, it can be tough to balance class, extracurricular activities and that part-time job on the side, but consider how strong your organizational and time management skills are becoming. To be able to balance a number of responsibilities and actually pull it off well builds character, even if it can be a bit stressful at times. This is precisely why colleges and employers often want to know, not only how you did in your classes, but also what other activities you participated in. Don’t shy away from the challenge – you’ll be grateful for it down the road!

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