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While earning your high school diploma is an impressive feat in itself, doing it while earning good grades is even better. This article features tips for doing well in high school.

Earning your high school diploma is a brilliant first step toward a promising future, but, depending on your ultimate goals, how you go about earning it is an important consideration. While a number of factors influence your college admittance or beginning career potential, showing that you’re a good student is among the most important. Here are some tips for succeeding in high school.

1. It’s never too late to make a difference. While employers typically do not review your high school transcripts, colleges certainly do. Fortunately, they also take note of a trend toward improvement, so starting high school on the wrong foot doesn’t mean you cannot turn things around.

2. Get organized. How can you show off your studiousness if you misplace or forget to complete your assignments? Invest in an assignment planner, daily organizer or a simple notebook and use it.

3. Think of every assignment as a major assignment. That 10 point quiz in biology is just as important as the 100 point test in math class. You must recall your lessons for future assignments or courses, so you should learn and retain any and everything you can — even if a teacher’s grading system doesn’t acknowledge its importance.

4. Discover what you’re good at. Finding your academic talents and focusing your efforts on them will make you a more confident student in your other courses as well. Besides, knowing what you do well and what you enjoy will help you make appropriate college or career decisions in the future.

5. Study, study, study. Many of the skills and knowledge acquired during high school will be important for years down the line, so take the time to review and practice them regularly.

6. Set realistic goals. If you expect yourself to earn an A in a course you find particularly difficult, you may decide to give up or put less effort into mastering it if you find a B on your report card. On the same note, don’t sell yourself short.

7. Take advantage of non-traditional courses. Drama, auto body or creative writing build skills typically used less often than those mastered in math or history, but they may engage you, motivate you to continue attending school and give you some idea of your strengths. Who knows? You might just discover your future career.

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